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– Spacious home with 12 ft ceilings
– 2 Baths with showers, soap and towels
– Fully equipped Kitchen includes:  cooking utensils, dishes, stove, small refrigerator,microwave, coffee maker, toaster, oven/range.
– 3 Bedrooms,  7 sleep comfortably
– 3 new queen beds , 1 twin bed
– Dining room & living room
– Two Large Porches
– Large back lawn area
– Quiet rural location
– Basic satellite TV, DVD
– Linens provided for beds and bath
– Bring your own phone
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The Old Century Farm House is in the National Register of Historic Places.  The home has been in our family for more than 134 years.  It was remodeled in the 1920’s.  It was equipped with electricity in 1925 using a generator system.  This was very unique since electricity was not available to rural areas at that time.

Another interesting note about the home is that it was built in 1863 by Henry Dawes, father of Rufus Dawes who volunteered for the Civil war in Mauston and later commanded Company K of the 6th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry of the Iron Brigade at Gettysburg.

– Read More about Rufus Dawes at Wikipedia
– Letters of Rufus Dawes – Gettysburg Virtual Museum

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